Want to Create Social Media Content in Minutes?

Powerhouse Content Planner is a word-for-word template system with 180 content templates ready for you to post on social media in minutes!

Introducing.. The Powerhouse Content Planner.
  • Know exactly what to post online.
  • Consistently connect with your ideal clients.
  • Save hours of time with customizable templates & content calendar.
"I actually posted for the first time today using a motivational picture and similar wording to one of your templates and I got awesome feedback in just ONE post... Turns out I had 3 potentials today and looks like I'll be closing them tomorrow."
-Powerhouse Content Planner user
I've been there and this is what it looks like...
You wake up early to get to work and start knocking things off your to-do list. Respond to your client emails, update that sales page, start planning for the launch of your new product and all of a sudden it's 4 PM.

So you decide to hurry up and try to think of something beneficial to share with your audience... you constantly feel behind and it takes you so much time to even think about what to write about... crickets. 

You're tired and have been so busy all day that now you can't even think of a halfway decent topic to write about that would provide value to your followers. The last thing you want to do is sound like a broken record putting out repetitive content that isn't going to be read...

But you can't think of anything... and you aren't a copywriter so writing content isn't your strength and it takes you forever... But you can't afford to hire a social media content strategist or copywriter for $2,000 per month... So then you end up not posting anything at all...

Then those feelings of self doubt start creeping in... "Am I cut out for this whole online business thing if I can't even post ONE unique thing each day?"

You know posting on social media is powerful(and FREE) tool to attract clients...
But there are a few different problems that make it hard for you to show up online...  
And more than likely, you may be suffering from one(or maybe all) of the 4 most common problems...
  • ​​You are working a lot of hours in your business and don't have time to create content every single day.
  • ​ ​You hate writing & it takes you a long time to even type out one post.
  • ​ ​You are overwhelmed trying to figure out unique topics to write about on a daily basis.
  • ​ ​You have no idea what to post, and you frequently feel like you have "nothing to say".
What If I Told You That There IS a Way:
  • ​...that you can create a month's worth of content in a couple of hours so you can focus on other important tasks in your business.
  • ​​...that you can create unique content even if you aren't "creative". 
  • ​...that you can consistently create content for social media EVEN if you hate writing!
  • ​...that you can reduce the time you spent on your social media content strategy by 90%!
Do you think all those 7 figure influencers have zero strategy and plan when it comes to their social media marketing? 

Even if they have expensive copywriters handling their social media, their copywriters are still operating with a plan.

It's time you get a marketing plan like the "big name" influencers.
​The Powerhouse Content Planner is a done-for-you, interactive calendar that hands you daily content ideas, prompts & templates so you can strategically grow your online business on social media without wasting hours brainstorming content ideas...
180 'Fill-in-the-Blank' Content Templates
Use the templates to create personalized content in seconds since each template includes the title/headline, body of content & call-to-action!
  • 12 Growth Templates: Grow Your Audience & Followers.
  • 14 Sales Templates: Sell Your Services/Products
  • 12 Story Templates: Share Your Story & Grow Your Know/Like/Trust Factor
  • 18 Educational Templates: Position Yourself as the Authority in Your Niche & Share the Value of Your Service/Product
  • ​​40 Engagement Templates: Increase Audience Engagement
  • ​​84 Motivational Templates: Inspire Your Audience 

Example Template

How Does It Work?

STEP 1: Choose a Template

STEP 2: Fill in the Blanks with YOUR Business Specific Information

STEP 3: Post to Social Media

Low Stress - No Hassle Content Creation Process
  •  Never get stuck wondering what to post for your business.
  • ​ Simple to follow & no planning necessary.
  • Focus on other aspects of your business.
  • ​Relieve any pressure you have been feeling when it concerns marketing.
Grab The Powerhouse Content Planner... Fast!
  • ​Powerhouse Content Planner (212+ Content Ideas )($97 Value)
  • ​12 Growth Templates ($47 Value)
  • ​18 Educational Templates ($47 Value)
  • ​14 Sales Templates ($97 Value)
  • ​12 Story Templates ($147)
  • ​​40 Questions to Increase Engagement ($47)
  • ​84 Motivational Quotes ($97 Value)
  • ​BONUS: ​Trello Board Organizer ($47 Value)
  • ​BONUS: 50 Headlines That Convert ($97 Value)
  • ​BONUS: Educational Content Training ($147 Value)
  • ​BONUS: Online Client Accelerator System ($97 Value)
Total Value: $885
>>For Only $37<<
By saving you 5+ hours per week with your content strategy, that is over 260 HOURS SAVED! And all for less than 21 cents/day.
And Did You See All the BONUSES?
Content Calendar with 212+ Content Ideas
Don't want to use the 180 templates?  Then this calendar will give you unique and creative ideas so you will save hours of time & never feel "stuck" creating content! 
  • 212 Days of content prompts so you never feel like you "don't know what to say" in your content marketing.
  • Editable calendar that you can print OR save a digital copy to your desktop.
PCP comes with a Trello board that organizes your content templates day-by-day so you can fill in the blanks for the post designated for today and post in seconds! This Trello board is perfect for business owners who want to:
  • Schedule out their content weeks in advance so they can stay ahead of their marketing strategy.
Proven headlines that will get noticed! If you want to create your own headlines(instead of using the ones created for you), then this resource has the 50 headlines that are proven to have more of your audience reading your content. 
 EDUCATIONAL content TRAINING (value $147)
Training + swipe files to help you know how to create your own read worthy-content (if you want to!) that will help grow your business for years to come. 
Everybody with a business needs a seamless client onboarding system to make it EASY for clients to work with them. In this bonus, you’ll get access to my online system that takes your leads from 'viewer' to 'client' without any time spent emailing back and forth!

The reality is that I could charge hundreds for the Powerhouse Content Planner (and people have been telling me I'm crazy for selling it so low)!
But I know that you don't really know me or trust me yet. Or maybe you are just starting out and you don't have a lot to invest in your business right now.

Which is why I'm making the Powerhouse Content Planner just that much more of no brainer - and instead of selling it at it's regular price of $297, I'm basically giving it away for $37.


This Content Planner Works Perfectly For...

  •  Health Coaches, Nutrition, Exercise
  • ​ Relationship Coaches 
  • ​ Life Coaches
  •  ​Business, Marketing, Sales
  • ​ Course Creators & Info-preneurs
  • ​ Career/Executive Coaches
  •  Social Media Strategists
  • ​ Web Designers
  • ​ Photographers
  • ​ Bloggers
  • ​ Healers
  • ​ Influencers
  • ​ Business Owners Creating a Brand
  • ​ People Starting a Business
  • ​ People Who Need to Outsource Content
  • ​ Service Based Entrepreneurs

This is NOT For:

  • Brick and mortar businesses
  • ​Affiliate marketers
  • ​Physical Product Based Businesses
  • ​E-commerce business
  • ​Realtors (Click Here for Realtor Specific Content)
  • People who don't have time to fill-in-the-blanks for their social media content strategy.
Check Out What Others Are Saying...
"Hi Ashley! I bought your course!!! ... WOW WOW WOW!! Soooo much value!! ... You are seriously brilliant And WAY under priced lol... Grant Cardone is a good friend of mine too He would tell you to raise your prices! Lol..."


The content calendar is full of amazing ideas that can help any business owner really stand out from the crowd. The ideas, guidance, content and knowledge... in this product are straightforward, easy to apply and so effective. Using [PCP] has saved me a ton of time, energy and frustration when it comes to marketing my business!


Like you, I'm a small business owner & I know how hard you work for your money. And I know that the last thing you want to do is waste your money on something that you could have found on Google or Pinterest - which is why I am offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

I understand that this product is the first impression you will have of me, which is why I spent over 700 hours putting this together for you - to make sure you will absolutely love it. 

And to be fully transparent, the reason I'm selling this at such a low price is because I hope that if you ever decide to grow and scale your business, then you will choose to work with me in the future. So you bet that I worked my butt off to make sure you are WOW'ed when you get access to it. 

And this is why I'm willing to take all the risk off of you and put it straight into my hands by offering a 30-day money back guarantee on the Powerhouse Content Planner - because I fully believe that you will have your marketing transformed by this product.  So if for any reason you don't believe this is a good fit for you, then I will refund your purchase!
Here's What Other People Are Saying:
  • ​Powerhouse Content Planner (180+ Content Ideas )($97 Value)
  • ​12 Growth Templates ($47 Value)
  • ​18 Educational Templates ($47 Value)
  • ​14 Sales Templates ($97 Value)
  • ​12 Story Templates ($147)
  • ​​40 Questions to Increase Engagement ($47)
  • ​84 Motivational Quotes ($97 Value)
  • ​BONUS: ​Trello Board Organizer ($47 Value)
  • ​BONUS: 50 Headlines That Convert ($97 Value)
  • ​BONUS: Educational Content Training ($147 Value)
  • ​BONUS: Online Client Accelerator System ($97 Value)
Total Value: $885
>>For Only $37<<
By saving you 5+ hours per week with your content strategy, that is over 260 HOURS SAVED! And all for less than 21 cents/day.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this right for me?
If you are focusing on building a BRAND, then this is for you. If you are only focused on selling your products or services in every post, then this is NOT for you. Although there are 12 sales templates included in the Powerhouse Content Planner, the content templates are designed to ALSO help educate your audience on your product/service, present the value,  showcase the benefits & grow your online presence.

Is this a monthly membership or one-time purchase?
This is a ONE time payment - once you purchase, you have access for life!

When do I get access to the files and membership area?
You'll receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access your membership portal with all of the files!

Is this for Instagram or Facebook?
Both! This content strategy is perfect for Instagram, Facebook or any platform where you share your message. The platform isn't the important piece-that's your choice & preference. It's the content that matters.

What if the content prompts don't apply to my niche?
Each of these content prompts apply to small businesses which include service based business owners, bloggers, coaches & businesses that are building a BRAND. This is NOT for boutiques or brick & mortar businesses. Sorry!

What if I still don't know how to create effective content after receiving access?
This is exactly why I included the word-for-word templates so you can easily fill in the blanks & create social media content on the fly.

What if I decide this isn't for me?
I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. That's how confident I am that you will absolutely love this resource. 

What if I need help from a professional?
You are in luck! I actually specialize in creating content that builds the know/like/trust factor & would be happy to see how we can build you an empire.
  • Have a LOT more time because you have an organized marketing system that just needs you to schedule it out.
  • Have a content strategy in place, so you can relax, enjoy your life & business, and strengthen your brand.
  • Be confident in your marketing strategy so you can sell your packages with ease and authenticity.
Hey, I'm Ashley!
When I left my corporate engineering job for my online business, I began learning how to start writing social media content. After hitting 6 figures in my first year using only social media to market my business, I learned there were that you had to get organized with your content.

I started putting together systems and templates together so that social media marketing didn't become my full time job. I wanted to help people - not become a social media marketing expert. ​

So I compiled everything and put them together to create the Powerhouse Content Planner - 180 content ideas to help you market your business. And as a bonus, I included my fill in the blank templates so that literally ANYONE can create content in only a few minutes!

This is the system I created after spending an insane amount of hours learning how to quickly produce content while also managing my business. Because you not only need a system, but one that has strategy included.

I'm offering you the chance to have a simple & affordable solution to your content overwhelm so you can have money in the bank, an audience that loves to learn from you and start paying your bills with ease. 
If you are ready to finally save a ton of time and frustration with your social media content strategy... then click the button below!
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